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May 25, 2012
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I'll set this bottle of the floor; it can't hide what I feel anymore
A cover up of emotions, forget addiction, a façade of weakness never agian
But what I want can't be hidden behind doctor's notes and whisky bottles
Buried deep in my heart, when we were felt alive again, I can ignore what you said
Now I'm wandering like a Zelot, hungry to live agian

I let my heart cold, as the roses I left planted for you fade away
And thinking back to the times I had, before we touched
And through this flittering fire that once burned bright
I'll search for the thing that keeps that spark burning evermore

Years wasted behind the bottle, The quiet melody of tranquility
To slowly reawaken From a chemical slumber I let myself enter
The lost hours I let myself waste, but now I realise they lack meaning
For all they are is lost time I have to recover, and to recover from you

Those days were I thought this could help me, are little more than little lies in a bottle
Subdue your darkest secrets from behind, as time is running out,
I could have found my freedom dancing in the night, but those attempts were all In vain
Dance away from my sight, Save yourself, remember to look away again

The Stranglehold it once had around me, has let itself go
And I can breath, and start smiling again.
I guess this song is about addiction and letting go of the pain. Really inspired by Lifelover, and drug movies.

In loving memory of B of lifelover.
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fika-with-alice May 25, 2012  Student Photographer
Jonas Bergqvist. <3
Jwelsh May 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
An amazing artist.

Missed Dearly on my part :)
fika-with-alice May 25, 2012  Student Photographer
Yeah, didn't he die from drugs or something of that sort. He died last year on 9/9/2011
I can't believe I remember the date. o.O
Drugs are stupid. D:
Jwelsh May 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Unfortunately, it was a combination of having a bad heart after years of taking medicinal pills treating his anxiety problems, and I think he sadly took one to many and poisoned himself.

Such a shame :(
fika-with-alice May 25, 2012  Student Photographer
Such a waste of a good man. :/
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